My wepon list has gone!

Hi the wepon list where you see your toolgun has vanished. When i scroll to change wepon i cant see anything just the description, its like there gone to far up and i messed around with the video graphics but nothing. Luckly i know the list very well so i know where everything is, but its very annoying could somone give me a quick fix to this thanks.

Right-click Gmod in Steam games list > Properties > Local Files > Verify Integrity of Game Cache

Let it run, it takes some time. What this does is it scans your game files for missing/corrupted files and redownloads the ones it needs to.

bcuz u didnt have wepon
shoot headcarb zomby officer in the head to get wepon


Seriously, though, you might want to go to the console, and enter “cl_drawhud 1”

i shall try these thanks lads!


still no fix here anything else?