My Wicked Mind. Some ideas of mine

Today instead of working i was thinking how make rust more fun.
Here’s some ideas i have


  • You can completely chop down the tree. You can get some wood and saplings. Chopped trees leave stumps which can be chopped to get some more wood. Tree wont grow again.
    You can use saplings to plant a new tree. Tree planted by players can give much more wood than normal tree ( it can give about the same amout of wood like wood piles) and saplings.

  • You can find wild berries such as blueberries, strawberries. You can grown your own berries if you find seeds.

  • Animals should be radiated. Food taken from them should be radiated too. Player eating that food should get some RADS.

  • You could add areas like swamps on which players would move much slower than usual. That would give us a great opportunity to make building and placing more strategic.


  • Getting weapon in this game is way to easy. Fire weapons should be more elite. It should be creating by players on special workbenches which can be built from wood and metal.

  • Make c4 much more difficult to get. It is too easy

  • Add a new material - stone. Players can get it from stone piles or giant stones. Players would be able to make a new type of building resource, something like a stone brick. They could build stone buildings with it.

  • There should be an option to build buildings from metal.

  • Add traps. Players could make a traps near their houses to protect. It should give lone players some chances vs mass raids. It would force raiders to think and be careful and use some more tactics maybe instead of blindly running towards door, plating c4, fire and rape.

  • Add vehicles powered by petrol. Players could get petrol from petrol stations which would be placed in a few places across the map. There should be limited amount of petrol on each station. It should resp slowly so players have to consider every travel they want to use car for. Examples of vehi - cars, bikes, trucks. All of them would be fully modifiable so players could build driveable fortresses.

  • There should be an option to learn only of blueprints which should be extremely hard to get. Game is to easy and boring at the moment because of that.

  • Add more melee weapons.

  • Signs on which players could writing informations, warrnings, etc. They could be placed wherever players want.

*** All armor items you wear should have a weight. The heavier the armor is the slower and louder player walk or run. It should be a percentage of players movement speed without any armor on him.
Each type of armor should have characterisric options, for example :

  • Kevlar makes player move much slower and louder than normally but gives shit a lot of defence
  • Anti-Rad makes player move slowest and loudest because all its parts are made from lead which is very heavy but gives moderate defence and shit a lot of rad resistance
  • With cloth armor player move normally but have shit everything hehe
  • Slots in armor pieces so do the players could modify it as they want. They could use metal fragments for example.

Example for Anti-Rad Vest after modifying by lead

  • Bullet damage resistance + x
  • Melee damage resistance + x
  • RAD resistance + x
  • Item weight + x

All these improvements would work only if Garry create new resource types such as lead which u might need to improve your armor.

All ideas are probably in other games too.


  • Accid rain
    Random event on random map part. It does some (not much) damage on random size area to players, animals and buildings made by players

  • Plane crash
    Plane is crashing on the random spot of the map. It does huge aoe damage from crash centre. Damage would be taken by players, zombie, animals and buildings made by players. Crash would be result of plane flying in to accid rain cloud or it would crash just on its own. Players could get metal and possibly some new resources as well as broken loot crates.


  • Add more resource nodes on the rest of the map so players can spread across it. Area where we live in is overcrowded.

  • Im not sure about this but there would be some SIMPLE tool which allows players to level out ground. Simple means no mountain moving :wink:

*** Maybe some bigger cities instead of small industrial buildings**


  • There should be someting which could offer players adding someone else who could open doors made by that player.

  • Trade system??

  • Some kind of health bars for objects made by players so they can easly identify broken ones.

That is preety much it for now. I’ll be adding more in future.
Thanks for your opinion

Trade system? You can trade now, it’s part of the game to decieve and trick.
The devs said they are not aiming towards a buddy/group systen.

Friends list? Ehhh… probably wont happen, and wouldn’t be needed anyway. Think about it, if this were to come out on steam, you could just use steams built in friend system/IM system, it even has a voice chat option. Wear unique clothing so you can identify each other, have meeting places when you want to meet up, etc.

People really need to stop suggesting friend/buddy systems. - I know it might seem like a good idea if you just started out and are frustrated you cant find that one buddy of yours.

Now imagine, thats just 2 of you, you would have it alot easier, right?

This time imagine this: 20 people raiding your tall tower, chaos everywhere because noone can tell friends or enemies apart unless they’re using a system (theres still alot of errors in these systems tho) Imagine if those 20 people had green markers on top of each others head, it would be a disaster for whoever they decide to steamroll.
Buddy systems would encourage way too large groups to roll out on raids together.

This. This right here people, is why we can’t have a built in Buddy system. The only type of buddy system I could imagine them adding, would be a system that tells you when a certain person comes online (I wouldn’t imagine them telling you when a person signs in/signs out in the future because it would probably clog up the chat, so this would be useful). And even this would be pointless because again, steam would tell you when a certain friend logs in to play rust.

That’d make it too easy… Now who’d want that?

I removed friend list idea. It was bad i agree. There is more tho
Please comment them too

i think cars would make it harder if you had to make it your self and add flowers you can harvest for paint for car and house.

Building materials from metal sounds like a great idea, and maybe the ability to be able to craft reinforced building materials?

Coming to think of it I see where the Dev’s are coming from in the way they don’t want buddy’s or teams.
Imagine if your in a team and friendly fire’s disabled, It doesn’t make sense that you can’t shoot your friend. In some ways it makes you think more strategically and not bum-rushing into a base like one of the ideas above. I’d definitely like to see traps in-game.

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You think flowers could paint a house? Gotta be kidding me right, ha flowers what a stupid idea.

the reason devs dont add a buddy system is because they want the survive alone feel to the game to stay. there will be certain traps added to the game. i think cars will be added to the game at one point or another and buildings placed by players already have a hp system…the darker it is the more damaged

horrible ideas.

Sounds like 7 days

most have been outright stolen too

Garry already said there will be traps months ago and also this looks nothing like 7 days to die the graphics are WAYYY better than 7 days.

I dont mind the fact you can plant your own tress and maybe some berry plants!
Just imagine a huge house with its own garden, woah

yer stupid. you can make a paint like substance from flowers

Nothing has been stolen. I’ve never played any game like this before and would never steal anything. Those are my own ideas if they are in other game then Im sorry but i dont care

There is sky, trees, houses in other games. I think someone should sue garry for stealing ideas…

He stole an idea! Quick call the thought police!

Something all these suggestion threads are missing: Alternative end games. If it wants any kind of staying power it needs more end game than “get m4, shoot ppl”

Those fortess vehicles sounds cool as late game thing