my wire mod won't work

I hav tried loading wire mod. i went to “my computer, c drive, program files, steam, steam apps, swift fishy, garry’s mod, garry’s mod, addons” i loaded it there and it doesn’t work. then i reloaded garry’s mod and it still didn’t work, then i tried this “my games, properties, local files, verify integratiy game cache” and tried that and it still didn’t work. any suggestions

First of all… Where did u get the wire mod?.
Second of all. Screen shot of addons folder

And third. If you have problems with wiremod, THEN GO TO WIREMOD FORUMS!

I got Problem with wiremod can anyone help me out??? heres the pic it occurs every time i play my gmod with wire help!

Use SVN to get Wiremod. SVN Tutorial:


Ok, well i finished the problem i mean i have solved it!!! BTW, my solution is i have UPDATED MY GMOD!!!