My workshop score is 1 despite having published addons

I get that contributions don’t add to the score, but I’m also the creator of this

and my score appears to be 1? That sounds like a bug of some sort.

There are two creators of the addon, who posted it on the workshop?

I did, it’s on my workshop

If I don’t say anything wrong, your name should have appeared first (as the creator) if you were the one who published the addon.

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the order is not related to who published it, I have many workshop items that I uploaded but my name isn’t the first. @fnox is correct, the name that shows up on top of the item’s title as “xxxxx’s workshop” is the person who uploaded it, so yeah, his score shouldn’t be 1.

Everything looks correct, it is odd, maybe you had it private until recently? The last comment was in 2016 so maybe that’s the case, if you unprivated after the queue was made then it doesn’t count.

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Did you enter the queue, then made them public again? It only calculates once you enter.

I did have it private until recently. I didn’t think it would not account for non private things, nor that it would just, not recalculate it. I only found it out it didn’t when I saw that my score is 0.

Any way to appeal or something? This is obviously some sort of edge case.

You’re not the first to have this problem and apparently, Garry will not make exceptions, even if this is clearly a fault in the system that shouldn’t be there in the first place.