My WWII plane

Here my WWII thruster-powered plane ) Bf 109+Ju88 combo =)

Pretty sexy my friend

thx )

Looks dope

Wow, that’s pretty awesome!

Thought this was the thread with the boxy crap one. This look great! It looks to scale and seems like you spent alot of time on it good job!

^ yeah true, looks fine as a … well idk

thx guys )

I like it, the only things I’d hand to you is that I’d remove the trash dumpster or whatever behind the canopy, that looks kinda unaerodynamic and to try and round off the wing tips.

Dayum I wanna hit dat

With a sledge hammer

If only my dick was a sledge hammer :frowning:

at first i thought this was gonna be bad

very nice!

Saw what you did there.

Anyway, yeah. I guess we build up some kinda fear of what the threads are gonna contain, something really sucky etc. This is nice however, but some parts (the nose) not being really plane-y. Still good though, I like it.

On a second look, the only thing that bothers me is the lower side of the nose! Really nice, man.

thx for comments guys ) sometimes i’l rebuild that one =)

Looks pretty good, I would try making the propeller a little better; it is pretty squarish looking, and the BF 109 has 3 blades on it. The landing gear is too far out on the wings too.

Yeah ) propeller sux…i made it like this cuz my fav server have 100 prop limit…

That thing screams sex!
Awesome stuff!

i think i upload a adv.dup file soon )
(plane have a weird wiring )

Finally :slight_smile:
Dupe Posted ! -

Looks great! Cant wait to try it.

i hope u will enjoy that )