My Yet Unnamed Portal 2 Map

I’ve been working on this since forever now and think it’s the time to make a thread for it.
I just completed all the puzzles in it and it’s ready for a transition to the next map (that I’ve yet to think out properly.)


I’m speechless…

It takes a very skilled mapper to create a fully working, near-perfect map. It takes a professional to make a Portal 2 map. This is, just superb.

I’m sickened

Yet curious?

That video is walkthrough?.. I dont want to spoil anything before/if you will release it

Then you’re destined not to play it.Ever.
Your fate is decided.

Well, I guess if you say its decided then its nothing to do, and i can die happy now

Very cool, can’t wait to play it.

This is absolutely beautiful. You really captured the Epic vibe Aperture Science gives off. It has that feeling to it as if it goes on forever.
Edit: also, one thing that bugged me about portal 2 is they never showed a time zone labeled 90’s that was styled in the same way as portal 1. You should definitely use portal 1’s style when making the 90’s area in my opinion.

This is absolutely gorgeous! I can’t wait to try it out.

One thing, though-
I think the button at 6:00 should be one of the consoles like the one in the original, since in the actual game, those are the only buttons/switches that open large vaults like that.

The big red test chamber button sticks out, imo. I liked the counter though.

I want to play this so badly

the rating “mapping king” does not give you justice. This is amazing, keep up the awe-inspiring work

Actually the 90’s era IS present day aperture, It was around the 90’s they made GLaDOS, panels, excursion funnels, and crushers. Which resulted in the facility being neurotoxin’d. Which is why 80’s aperture is what you immediately explore after [sp]Wheatley jailbreaks you.[/sp]

I’m totally without words.

It looks like a real Valve map. You are now my god.

This is fucking amazing. I want to play it!

No words can describe how absolutely amazing that is.

Never stop mapping.

I love that turret!

i just skipped to the bottom of the OP and gave it a king.

its lamarr, what can you expect?

[sp]saw most of it in the pimpage thread.[/sp]