My Youtube Videos

Hello everyone. I Am making my own Gmod Videos. Most of them are not stop motion picture videos though. I Only use stop motion if i know I Don’t really have to acually animate them.


The Wierd Al Show Theme song in Gmod

Monty Python Window Sketch in Gmod [media]

More videos in the making and Will be made :slight_smile:

P.S: I Reposted this here because My original post for some reason did not post in this Sub-Section.

Bad embed.


Why don’t people preview the post to see if it works…?

Ah, Thanks.

Vid 2 was funny

hurr hurr ragdal fdance iz funnay

This is horrible. Only one part of each ragdoll moves, they’ve both been done before, your avatar is breen smiling, another HURR GMODDDDDD avatar. God.

That was weird. But a little fun maybe.