My ZombieRP in gamemode list

I need help with ZombieRP.
I am modifying darkrp into zombierp and in Gmod13 it has the gamemode list stuff and I’m trying to put my server under the ZombieRP section.

I know that you have to edit the info.txt/darkrp.txt into zombierp.txt and inside you need to edit some stuff to zombieRP.

I got really close when doing that but it wasn’t under the regular section, it was under IT’S OWN section. I fiddled some more and just went back under the darkrp section.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

(Btw, is there a ZombieRP gamemode? That all these servers have that I can’t find?)

What do you have in your shared.lua?

You should have something like

GM.Name = "ZombieRP"

Shared.lua is job files.
If you mean something else, which shared.lua?

so you’re buying a hud from coderhire, and using all darkrp files, but changing the jobs to zombies…

I know there’s not much, but take a quick look here. If you scroll down you’ll find some information about shared.lua. You’ll find it inside gamemodes/zombierp/gamemode.

At the top of the document add that GM.Name line and see if that makes any difference.

Gm.Name is in the init.lua for DarkRP.

It really bugs me when people rename DarkRP, what with all the Starwars RP’s and Zombie RP’s, I get excited, then extremely disappointed when it’s just DarkRP with the jobs changed to suit the theme(s).

Yeah, I know. But they are still good and fun.

I’ll check it out.

You’re a total help, and I never said I was buying anything and if I was, what’s wrong with Coderhire? It’s only if you put CUSTOM or 100% Custom in the title that makes it lame. Coderhire is a useful website that helps servers combine scripts to make something pretty awesome.

No, It’s when people modify darkrp and then say its a custom gamemode, which is what you’re doing. Modifying darkrp, to make a gamemode called zombierp. Coderhire is useful, yes, but people buy pretty much everything on it, to claim their server as fully custom.

Thanks, this solved the issue, :smiley: I can now put the finishing touches on the server.
Thanks again!

It was the init.lua files btw.