My Zombine soldier (and maybe other) hexed skin and npc!

Hello Facepuncher!

This is my first skin that i made and,
I will put my other skin that i’m working on(like a Zombine without blood.)

Ok so there a image of the skin in the download page take in the sdk( in T-pose)

Hum… I don’t know how to make the link into a image(like in other thread)

I will put here a other skin in one day or before…

Thanks for download it!


You took the Zombine skin and placed it on a normal combine soldier. I can see the blood you’ve added yourself.

  1. This isn’t the release section.
  2. As FrEeKy ThInG said, you just stole the zombine materials and made a terrible paint job in the helmet.

I did similar ages ago, even replaced the animations o:


why are you guys rating him bad spelling RATE HIM BAD READING!!! (Why, because he didn’t read RELEASE on his way in)

Can’t I just rate him dumb? That like… Bad interneting.

Did you saw this line?

“I will put my other skin that i’m working on”

So this is why I put it here!
and so YOU are dumb!
(bad spelling… i’m French, okay? and I think “bad reading” is for when you don’t saw a line and say(for exemple)“It’s not your model” when he said “I take no credit on this model because I only made a better normal map(or texture)”

Also why you don’t rate datmaze “bad reading” for his thread about his brick?its not in the release section!

Dasmatze’s thread was a WIP thread to begin with, then he released them later.

This is a release thread to start with, therefore it’s technically in the wrong section, whether you’re working on a WIP or not.

And yes the blood is terrible like everyone else is saying. It looks like you just spammed red colored dirt brushes around it in GIMP.

Do you still have the files? It would be great if you released that replacement (unless it was an NPC to begin with)

Give the combine any weapons and they T pose.

Nevermind then. It did look cool though.