MyBB & SMF Registration V2

Whats new?
Derma Menu
Account Link

What’s removed?
Nothing important, maybe small tid bits.
No SMF1 support.

Developer note(s)
Im no longer providing support for SMF1 as it’s no longer in active development by SMF team.

  • If you want to use this with SMF1 your best bet is to upgrade.
    SMF2 is case sensetive warning that it might need some tweeking.
    Your username is case sensitive when linking accounts.
    Advance users/coders will be able to create a “more” secure way and easier to create an automatic donate system.

Screen Shot(s)



Install Notes
MyBB - You need to add this to mybb_users

ALTER TABLE `mybb_users` ADD `steamid` TEXT NOT NULL AFTER `usernotes`

SMF - You need to add this to smf_members

ALTER TABLE `smf_members` ADD `steamid` TEXT NOT NULL AFTER `pm_receive_from`

Frostschutz – Make sure to leave him/her a nice personal message, for helping me with original version.
Gmod Modules ‘Team’ – Thank them for all their support for GMOD.

Great job, would be nice if you could also provide some screenshots of the in-game part. (the new derma menu)

I plan to do all the popular forums.

you forgot me for moral support you noob

Сделай поддержку XenForo!
А,ну да
Please create XenForo support!

VBulletin would be a nice addition - but it’s looking awesome so far.

Vb i think is the most well known forum around i think

Personally i would have made the game server interface with a php page and through the php the account is created and added. This way you don’t have to put the MySQL user and password in the lua file on your server. However, either way works.
Great job

I would love to see a VBulletin version as well.

vBulletin is slightly more complex because you can’t just insert data. It uses specific functions iirc to create users.

Could you login with it? At least being able to hook up other stats is still really cool.

I’m pretty sure you can replicate them with Lua.

I did vBulletin registration through Lua, took a bit of tinkering, but I got it working

You can log in with it (with just inserting info into the tables), but users appear as guests etc.

Worked fine for me when I tested it

Updated Small Quick Fix for all version’s
Added Beta Version of VB untested

I need some feedback from VB version.

ALTER TABLE `vb_user` ADD `steamid` TEXT NOT NULL AFTER `importuserid`


I might look into it again then.

I’ve got it working for the most part (Need to find out what column in the table controls COPPA as this is causing a few minor niggles, works otherwise).
You basically need to create a new row with the players forum userid in two places. Appropriate queries are-

"INSERT INTO `vb_usertextfield` (`userid`) VALUES ('1');"
"INSERT INTO `vb_userfield` (`userid`) VALUES ('1');"

Obviously replace 1 with the appropriate variable.

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And sadly I didn’t automerge.

were do i install them to on my server i put them in garrymod/lua and it didnt work

If your gonna auto load them then