MyLittlePonyRP 2

is it possible with the current player model system? asking for a friend

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Not really much of a brony, though I will say I had used to play on a pony DarkRP server on Gmod and I remember having quite a bit of fun. One time I remember creating a shark cult, and another time I played as a “giraffe” and was a part of a criminal changeling group.

Whether yous love or hate mlp (Though I’m considering getting into it at some point in the future), there’s no denying someone will create an mlp RP along with the necessary addons to do it. It’ll be nice to have a go at it again. :3

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You can use any model and skeleton, so nothing stopping you from making quadruped models and animation sets.


Yes it’s completely possible. The only way I won’t frown down upon it, is if you add Pony’s in Space RP

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