Myng4lyf SNPC thread and other nonsense

*Bad news guys i went back to wow so dont expect much from me :frowning:

SNPC Progress:
Goku: Done
Vegeta: Done
Scarface: Done
Pedobear: Dun
Mystery SNPC!: Done
Juggernaut: done

Cop: Looking for sounds before i start
Stoner: (This ones gonna be made for shits and gigs)

SNPC Pack: Lurkers of Hell
Demon lord: 10,000 hp, this thing will be tough…
Demon Guard: tougher demon, same shit old mac new clip
Demon: should work fine just fine
others maybe…

i kno you guys want beast snpcs like silverlans but im kinda inept compared to him

If you request with a model i will be more likely to do it. If you request with Sounds and a model its garunteed if everything works :smiley:

//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////(Major thanks to S-Low and Techknow, fantastic models! And of course Xystysus [im close stfu] for the SNPC Base)\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

~myngin aint easy…

Oh wow im Not gonna spoil it but Damn it was fun Killing him XD nad it was hard to tho

Wait, what is this?

Could you make a sniper snpc that has no laser, can be killed from being shot at, and can actually run around?

Only a lua god chould do that :smiley:


Download links?

Uh, simple SNPC request - just a normal randomised citizen that runs around and reacts to gunfire.

Sorry I don’t know alot about lua coding, but I understand now that snpc would be very hard to make.

if you have killing floor then can you make some killing floor snpcs, if you do then start with the three basic ones (clot, crawler, stalker)

can u mak n npc that post on forum what i says on it ?
an oso can mak so post in forum in relessses wen its not?
tyvm ily