myql to sv.db

How to convert mysql to sv.db?

And then what, expect your addons can read sv.db data just because you can’t afford a sql server? :v

There are some lags when any player recieve any points if I use MySQL database.

what addon? it’s very likely that it’s bad coding practice that’s doing that and not mysql itself.

Pointshop 2:v:

What module are you using? tmysql4 or mysqloo?

tmysql is not supported. Support will be added however it is not priority
Use mysqloo v8.1

What database engine are you using for the MySQL database?
MyISAM or InnoDB?


When you say lag do you mean a delay or the server freezes? Also - if you can, some hosts allow you to connect to a provided database through localhost ( and it’s suprising how much that can improve the query speeds

tmysql should be a priority to add

that or at least you should update your mysqool

using mysqloo 9 - lags

If it is lagging your server, then the addon is most likely using the module improperly. The problem with many scripts that use mysqloo is the Database:wait() function which halts the server until a callback is received.

if used tmysql call function Database:wait()?

tmysql doesn’t have that function. If your server is lagging badly with mysqloo, then a script is probably using that function.

pointshop2 not use tmysql4:ohno:

You said, “if used tmysql”

And I responded that tmysql does not have that function, but mysqloo does, and if you are getting any halting, it is most likely from that.