- Statistics about Rust

Hello everyone, I’d like to officially introduce my latest project

Here you can find several statistics about your Rust account, like harvested materials, kills, deaths and so on.
Furthermore we also offer daily statistics, that means you’re able to keep track of your progress on a daily basis.

Beside that we also offer a playercomparison:
Compare your stats with those of your friends, create playergroups and see how active your friends really are - or use it to keep track of the enemy and see how many resources they gather.

Last but not least we also have a Top100. Here you’re able to see the top players in Rust.



  • Playerstatistics (including daily progress)
  • Playercomparison / Playergroups
  • Top 100

Examples / Links:

Feel free to leave some feedback, in case you find bugs just drop me a message.

Best Regards

I’ve killed more than one bear.

Everything we display is gathered from the Steam Web API. I already noticed that Rust doesn’t update all the statistics correctly right now (e.g. metal ore) - but I hope they’ll fix it in the following weeks. :slight_smile: