mysql and points shop question

Hello all, my issue and question is this, I use the points shop and mysql for the db of points shop, now what I want to be able to do is set the value of points through the db witch yes i know I can do BUT it requires a map change for the points to update on the client’s side. My issue is that points shop over writes the value I set in the db with the amount automatically added every so many minutes. So lets say my current points on the server are 10 and I add another 20 through the db putting me at 30 and I have points shop set to give 10 points every minute, well once the 10 points are give at the 1 minute mark my points now change to 20 in the db instead of going from 30 to 40. Is there any way to get the point shop to read the value I set in the db or stop point shop from overwriting and changing the value and instead to add on to the users current value shown in points shop and then after map change the points will be updated to the value changed to ?

I do realize this may be a bit confusing but, your help will be very much appreciated.

Is the player online or offline? If they are online then it must be the auto save. Try using a offline person?(by offline, I mean not on the server)

I did try this dosn’t matter a map change is needed for the points to update on clients side or they just get over written when the user gets on if the map has not yet changed.

The way pointshop is made the player you want to modify has to be disconnected for the changes to apply.

You obviously didn’t understand the post man, go back and read it.

No, I understand the OP perfectly. The way pointshop is made, it doesn’t care what the database values are, it overwrites them. In my pointshop mysql modification I’ve fixed that, but it’s not free.

well how much you asking for it ?

If you are interested you can contact me on steam. I’m selling the modification for $20.

maybe you can add a database for adding points. Then make a script to add points to player like every 5 mins.