mySQL and server

I have recently gotten a server and I have no idea how I might get a mySQL database to work on it and what might need to be done. Can someone help me in this regard. ( support is shit, and they never respond. server’s good so far though)

Sorry, please explain. Are you having issues getting the MySQL.dll addon working or are you having issues getting it to connect to the database?. If its having problems connecting to the database, you need to request support in the lua area.

If its a .dll issue, please explain how you installed it so we can help you better.

You need to explain a bit more like why you need the mysql?

For getting “mySQL” “onto” “the server,” if you’re buying anything short of a dedicated you’ll probably have trouble getting them to install it on their gameserver (I can recommend a few hosts that would be willing to do this). A better choice would be to use the MySQL hosting your web host (if you have one) probably includes.