MySQL Coding

Ok can someone please help me on my mysql coding system, Im trying to make it so in my system theres credits I’ve added and I want the credits to save though when they dc and connect.
How would I go of making it so it saves mysql tables and loads them everytime
if anyone could please walk me through this so I can understand then I could hopefully make scripts for free for the not so good lua coders:D

Do you know SQL?

There’s something called Google, use it.


I pressed the wrong rating button, oh well :v

There’s something called common courtesy, have it.

This is a subforum for developer discussion and he’s asking for developer help. If you don’t have any to offer then don’t bother posting.

I for one would benefit as well if someone helped him.

Super easy way to learn MySQL:

Module for GMod is found here:

Thank you, I’ll start looking now:D

Coding with MySQLOO is quite easy. I made my first full Lua script using it.

A few points; regardless of whether you’re using MySQL, TMySQL, MySQLOO, SQLite, etc. They use a common language called SQL. Brandon provided some links to learn that language; but if you need more help feel free to ask.