MySQL connecting

So yeah, I installed cider alot before. Always worked.
Today I try it on singleplayer, but with a new mysql database so I added the right info in the sv_config file,
startup gmod, play it and then I get this error.

Error connecting: Access denied for user 'exogamin@‘’ (using password: YES)

So it actually tries to connect to my localhost. But it should connect to the ip wich is stated under cider.configuration[“MySQL Host”]

This is quite weird because I never had this error before.

Hey Fexec, does the MySQL database you’re using have remote SQL enabled? If it doesn’t, then you won’t be able to connect to it remotely.

Hope this helped.

Aren’t you meant to be permed Conna?

Thank you alot conna, this worked.

Looks like he got a Garry unban.

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Anyways, I’ve been having problems with Cider aswel. :confused:


By the way, how do you set-up your Database? I mean, do you have to purchase a web-hosting pack or are there alternatives?

I have HeidiSQL if that helps. If you have the solution and willing to help, please send me a PM or add me on steam :slight_smile: