MySQL Database help!

so basically, ive setup PERP3 and everything is working except the database, so i join the server and it says refreshing request for smfid then i check my servers console log and it says

So i need some desperate help, btw i know this is a leaked gamemode but please try and help me.

I should not really help because of a leaked gamemode but as there are a tone of perp servers out there whats the harm in it

first if you got the gamemode from dont even bother half the stuff you need is missing also you need the custom ass mod but you could recode ass mod to work with perp wont take long. After that you need the gm_pimpmyride.dll, gm_tmysql.dll, gmsv_gatekeeper.dll and gm_bass.dll in your modules folder on your server and you need libmysql.dll in your orangebox folder on your server then once that is done depending what version you have go to line 54 of sv_hooks.lua and put in your mysql information and wallah you should be up and running

First off, yes i got it off drama unlimited and i have replaced all the modules with updated ones so they all work, its just this problem.

Looks like you didn’t connect it right? Do you have the tables and all the other stuff?

yeah i do, but im not sure if its the host im on or not :S

Are you using a free database?

yeah i am, is that a problem? O.o

Never tried with free databases, but I think they are shit in my opinnion.

yeah they are, any ideas why this is happening though its suppose to save the player not refuse it.