MySQL help

I need help setting up MySQL for my Gmod server

People said 000webhost blocks SQL but the website says different + A server host uses it for his donation system

BTW its DarkE’s Donation system

do i need to set up the SQL files? If so what do i put? and how do i do it? this is all thats in the files(this is only the first line)

$ _õ/Óe”A€e”A€e”A€tâ߀”A€tâê€4”A€tâë€k”A€ìÒ€”A€<R:€”A€e”@€s”A€tâA€tâÚ€”A€tâÜ€”A€Riche”A€ PE L &Ë“P à !

And a lot of black boxes what do i do? what do i edit?
Plz Help!

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What exactly are you asking? How to import SQL into a database?

i have SQL on my server but just get an error. 000webhosting said makesure its not under localhost on the SQL how do i set up the SQL file?

Pretty sure it doesn’t matter either way since 000webhosting doesn’t allow the SQL to be used externally.

it says it does

"Unlike other free webhosts we do support PHP and MySQL with no restrictions. You get full access to the latest version of PHP and MySQL. The following PHP features are fully supported:

PHP mail() function and Sendmail
Curl, GD2 library, XML, Zend, .htaccess support
fopen() and PHP sockets
safe_mode is OFF, file uploads are ON
Zend Optimizer support, Ioncube loader… and much more features are enable"

i guess it dosen’t

any better free webhost to use? like SQL+PHP.

What was wrong with


So why didn’t you just continue posting on that thread?