MySQL help


first of all i’d like to say thank you for reading this.
i’ve been trying to get into the Mysql part of lua but i kinda got stuck…
i THINK i actually get the basics of the sql “stuff” but the only problem i have so far… HOW do i link my server actually to the lua part of gmod? i read quincy’s tutorial about sql which helped alot yet it did NOT explain my problem…
i hope someone can help me.

thanks in advance and a happy new year.


You would need an SQL module such as gmsv_mysql.

yeah i kinda know that much from cider long ago, which is why i ended up getting mysqlOO by : Andy Vincent
but more or less what i mean, is like usualy u got to setup a server, right?

how should i do this, and do i need to write something special for it in every lua file so they call to the rightserver or is it just global like a include or what ever?

(i got beyond rusty from a large lua break so sorry for some of my stupid questions, but i rather ask now a stupid question than get stuck somewhere 5 minutes after someone is kind enough to help me haha.)

Personally, I dont use MySQLoo , but tMySQL , and this is how you use that :


This tutorial was written for Andy Vincent’s MySQL module.

@ james, how come you don’t like mysqloo? and what’s the difference between mysqloo and tmysql?

@ penerlord, thanks i kinda browsed trough it aswell but i get errors while the tests like table test.test doesnt exist even if i make the table myself, which is why i though maybe it dint work anymore/needed to be updated.

anyway, thanks both of you.

I don’t like that tutorial, because the code given wouldn’t work AFAIK if you were to run it.

Hans what exactly are you trying to do – end result?

DarkRP uses this mysql module, too. You could have a look at this.


ehm, i’m trying to sort of make a script so joined players will be logged into a sql database with certain other other things like steamID , rank, donator and shit like that

and several other things that depends on those things it reads from the sql database, like if they’re donator rank X -> special icon in scoreboard or something like it.

kinda the usual basic “crap”


yes but isnt that “sql light” or what the name may be (write to text files) which are saved on ur server( if i remember right from long ago in the data folder.)

i kind of wish to make several servers connect to 1 database so you get shared stuff.

people: sorry in advance for my horrible writing, newyears eve here, so yeah… you probably get it.
but, thanks alot again for all the help!

It provides both: Sqlite and MySQL.

o-o seriously? awesome i’m more or less from the old dark rp so is it a new feature?

well, i’m gonne try some stuff out again… i keep having this feeling i forget something.

Don’t know. Probably there for about 2 years (more or less).

heh… i din’t know that all i remember was sqlite if i remember right, but i din’t touch dark rp in a long time so yeah… guess i’ll go take a look at it it might be helpfull and than maybe sleep…

thanks man.

edit: <burning facepalm of pain> i finaly figured out what the hell went wrong… i actually just missed 1 table… xD great thing 'bout not knowing st 'bout sql and trying st xD i din’t understand the errors at all… (yes yes i probably should have posted them i know it’s my bad hehe…)

well… everything works fine now X_X did not expect it to work this well.

anyway, probably around now most of u already changed year so happy newyear probably, if you’re chineese < in 1-2 months

well, thanks once again to you two! and have a nice day.