MySQL Hire. Kind of..

Well this request isn’t really related to lua so I thought I would stay out of the recruitment thread, plus it seems dead anyway.

Moving on, I need only a couple of things done.

-Automatic Donation system for my gmod server

-And a spruced up MOTD Set up.

Well if interested, add me, we can talk about prices when you add me, I have about 100 US right now.

Add me on steam

Add me and I’ll do ever better. :v:

Says the man who still thinks it’s called L.U.A?

it’s a word, get over it

Just use paypal ipn. Paypal allows for one custom argument afaik. You can use gui.OpenUrl to pass the argument. Best to use steamid as the argument. Once they pay for the item make it redirect to your website where your using paypal’s ipn and catch the custom argument while checking for valid information. Then add it to your mysql.

Or, you could (as an extra) use a RCon class to send a command to rehash players INGAME, so they (if they are ingame) get VIP instantly, that’s how my donation system works anyway. :v:

I could probably give him a hand with it. Hit me up a PM if you’re interested.