MySQL install

so recently i got DarkE’s donation system and i set it all up and now i found out i that i need MySQL
i know i need the mysqloo and the LIBMYSQL but where do i put all of them and if you have better file downloads can i have the link?

ive already looked at the facepunch help

Can anyone help? and if your wiling to install it for me then download and ask for the code


That one’s outdated; use this one.

I have the same donation of darkE and i am willing to help because i knew it was a pain to install it

alright i installed it and i get this spammed in server console

[DonationSystem] Connection to database failed! Error: Can’t connect to MySQL server on ‘’ (10060)

what do i do? btw i use for my SQL

any help?

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You are obviously using a wrong port or web address.

it had worked for a while but now its messed up. the port is fine and my web address should be correct blocks external( Not from the provided websever ) connections to their sql servers, you will have to find a new host.

god dammit, i just switched and setup. Thanks anyway