MySQL issue for Gmod server :/

I feel as if I’m really stupid for asking this question or I’m just not seeing what I’m missing. So yesterday I bought a ftp server from Xenon servers to work on a darkrp server. Everything was going great, I expected errors, I expected to fix things. Mysql was one of those things I did not expect to be this bad. My ftp server comes with MySQL. Gives me the host, user, and pass. It also has a button for phpmyadmin. Once I click that I can see the 2 predetermined databases. One that says schematic or something like that and the other says gmod7374. Not sure if it’s the exact numbers but I don’t think that matters atm. Currently I’m trying to get bLogs or Billy’s logs to work with MySQL. So I go into the config and type in the host, user, pass, keep the port at default, and set the database to the gmod7374 name. Save it and restart server. Console says certain tables aren’t made and also I look into phpmyadmin and nothing was created under that database. In the server if I do something wrong it’ll tell me within 5 seconds of joining with a pop-up. But I get no error. Also before MySQL I was able to type in the bLogs command and it would respond. Now when I type the same command it says nothing. Acts as if it’s not running. Help?

have you installed mysqloo?

is bLogs configured to use mysqloo?

mysql is not available to gmod by default.
it uses sqlite which is stored in a .db file in your servers garrysmod folder.

If it’s an issue with a paid addon (which bLogs is), you should contact the addon developer via support ticket on gmodstore.

So basically what your saying is I didn’t set that up and that my server if trying to use both? Where do I find that file to change it? And yes I have Mysqloo installed

Try contacting Billy for support.

Depends on the addon.

Can’t tell you which file to change because we don’t have the code for the addon you’re using.
Search it yourself for how it queries the database and change it to use mysqloo.

Or ticket the addon creator.

The rest is up to you.

I don’t think it has to do with the plug-in. I feel as if I’m doing something wrong that I’m not seeing. Since I tried to go into the darkrpmodification file to change the MySQL settings aswell and yet that doesn’t make any data on phpmyadmin

A console log might be helpful, as well as the locations of your mysql DLLs on your server (libmysql and the gmod module).

Well I installed a couple MySQL files from the mod pack installation of my ftp server. Where would the files be located?

sounds like either your credentials are incorrect (probably the port) or you’ve done something wrong.

At the very least you should confirm it is working in gmod.
write yourself a small server file that runs from mysqloo.connect() to a query or 2.
Let us know how it goes.