MySQL Massive Problem

Hey guys, so i’m using a BMRP Gamemode ( Black Mesa Roleplay ), and it uses MySQL for everything from Name to XP, to money. Anyways, i connected to my database and everything works, like its totally working.


If you rejoin the server, or server restarts / crashes, your Roleplay Name goes back to your Steam Name, and your XP and Money go back to the default.

So, i don’t know whats going on at all, however in my SRCDS console, i noticed this error

Not sure what to do, so if anyone knows stuff about this, that would be great! Thanks.

You’ll either need to create the tables, or rename them as they are not being found.

Check that there’s no sql dump for the gamemode, or even a table structure you can make.

Alright so you are saying to go to MyPhpAdmin and create a new table called dynastygaming_bmrp.sqlite_master?