MySQL not working on server.

I had to change the password to my server’s MySQL database recently. Not it just won’t work. The server gets an access denied error even after quadruple checking the configuration to make sure the username, password, and addresses are right. I can connect through a client such as Navicat, and through phpMyAdmin using the same information, but the server refuses to connect to the database. What do?

Do you have all the modules installed? Such as, gmsv_mysql.dll and gmcl_mysql.dll.
You can also use gm_mysqloo.dll

I have some issues with my server and MySQL databases too. The server connects and creates the tables, but doesn’t insert any data into it…

Anyways, if the server’s hosted at the same box as the MySQL database, you have to change host to “localhost”.

If not, you have to enable the IP from the server in Remote MySQL in cPanel.

Yeah, all the modules are installed properly. I had to change the password, now it’s giving me acess denied errors even when I use the correct database.

The password, username, and hostname are all correct but the server always gives off that good old “Error connecting to DB: Access denied for user ‘[REDACTED]’@’[REDACTED]’ (using password: YES)”