MySQL, Open Aura, and Xenon Servers

Before you say anything about Open Aura, let me just point out it’s mostly between a small group of friends in a cooperative community, we don’t care much of the script’s features and such.

So yeah, at that, I’d like a bit of help with setting this up. info thus far

the mysql.cfg
force mysql_characters_table = characters;
force mysql_players_table = players;
force mysql_username = kunden_106575;
force mysql_password = [youdon'tneedtoknow];
force mysql_database = kunden_106575;
force mysql_host =;

picture of xenon's database mysql shit and shit

and at that, I’ve come to the conclusion that I now need to set up the tables or whatever. This is were I am stuck, I have literally NO idea how to do this. I’ve asked a few friends and nobody knew how to do it either. This is the first time I’ve ever had to do anything involving mysql on my server (quite surprising, now that I think about it) so I’m entirely knowledgeless. “” is phpMyAdmin, if that helps. Any help is very appreciated.


If a mod wants this in then feel free

Too easy. Login into phpMyAdmin and click on the database kunden_106575 and click the import tab. Select to import openaura.sql and the tables will now be created.

That’s all you have to do on the MySQL side. Do you have the MySQL binaries installed?

Still isn’t working. Did I fuck up?

You have tmysql on the server correctly installed right?