MySQL Perp

Hello guys.

Just needed to check really fast is there a special file you need to upload to MySQL to get it running? I have the gamemode and everything (Bought a while ago).

I have a experienced MySQL user standing by and just need that info.

Thanks and no immature comments if you dont know.

Because I didnt get any table with it.

Perhaps I’ll have to go around it.

Yeah, you bought it a while ago. Hasn’t this something to do with the fact that DramaUnlimited released a lot of PERP leaks a couple of days ago? ^^

And if you are so experienced you should know which file to IMPORT into the database.

Cordially, Aftokinito.

PS: inb4 i’m being baned.


Telling us that you bought it just makes it worse. If you bought it and didn’t get a table, I’d suggest pissing the guy that sold it to you.

Also, check out DramaUnlimited. They’ve got some MySQL files for different versions of PERP.

The perp’s on DramaUnlimited don’t work anymore. D3lux was patched, VG is close to working but smf error. PERP 1 and 2 don’t have the tables. ( The list goes on and on )

Then fix it, dear Henry,
Dear Henry, dear Henry
Then fix it, dear Henry,
Dear Henry, fix it.
Actually though, there are working versions on dramaunlimited.

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Learn to mysql.

If you don’t know how to use MySQL at all, don’t expect others to do it for free.
And no, ingame money/items/admin is not payment.

You need to copy this DLL into garrysmod\garrysmod\lua\includes or something…
I do not have Gmod on this computer so I cannot tell you exactly.

I feel it’s wrong asking for money for this piece of information…
I also hope this is what you asked for.