Mysql Problem

Hello people,

We got a problem with MYSQL that the DATABASE_HOST is invalid or wrong.

These things we have to fill in:


We know them all except DATABASE_HOST what do we have to put there? since it gives that as a problem.

What do we have to fill in here?

Also we got some problems with a gamemode called PERP that is for 95% fixed.
And 3 things aren’t working well or not at all:
Bank / PayDay doesn’t gives money / Car Dealer Stock doesn’t show up when someone clicks on: “Show me your stock”

If you know anything about perp scripting / fixing this, and have a feeling like: Hmm i am in a great mooth today lets help this guy!

Rinaldo (NL)

Steam Page:

Friendly regards, Rinaldo (NL)

Not going to help you with PERP,
The host is either localhost or if it’s on the same server as the game server. Else you’ll have to contact the host.

Okay thanks alot but it isn’t on the same pc as the gmod server,
I used a free 1 i am just going to buy 1 for more luck.