MySQL Questions

I am trying to figure out how this MySQL stuff works but i do not know where to start. What i would like to do is make it to where when someone donates through my website it automatically promotes them to the ULX group “donator”. I have no clue how this works and would like to know if anyone can explain it to me? I have looked this up before but i can’t seem to find anything useful.

What you could do is take a look at – this will provide the website->server donation system with little effort.

Elaborating on this, what you basically do is setup a system in PHP that takes the transactions then sends them off to Paypal, you typically collect the SteamID beforehand. Then, you setup an IPN (Paypal Instant Payment Notification) to let your website know that the payment was a success.

After that's done, use Steam Condenser to send a message to the server (RCON ulx adduserid {SteamID} {donatorgroup}) to add them to the donator group (obviously replace the values in braces with how your system is configured (this is only an example for ulx, evolve would work a similar way, as would any other system).

EDIT: I decided to make a diagram to help you understand a bit more

[player]: "I want to go buy supporter"
[player goes to] -> [player clicks Buy Supporter]
[website displays SteamID form] -> [player enters SteamID and clicks the yellow Paypal button]
[player enters super secret Paypal information] -> [Paypal takes their money] -> [Paypal sends a message to IPN.php (your IPN) telling you that Paypal has successfully taken this poor lad's money]
[website stores data on purchase and tells Steam Condenser that it's all good] -> [Steam Condenser tells the server that shit's good in the hood (ulx adduser [player] donator)]
You're now $15 (or whatever you charge) richer.

There are more efficient ways to do this, however, they are more time consuming (or difficult if you don't know how). 

also maybe this helps:

-This is copied from another facepunch auto donation thread. You could try this, dont ask me anything how to do it. I dont know, Hope this helps :stuck_out_tongue: