MYSQL: Support

I’m assuming there will be the case of S&box having some sort of json/txt local storage option like gmod’s data folder alongside any sort of databsase implementation.

This can be useful in many cases - especially when serverside storage simply isn’t needed.

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I would hope so. I would hate to have to have a database for things like theme configs and a config in any way that only affects the client.

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in my opinion it should have both file and sqlite (at least)

Because File is good for stuff you dont read and write everytime and sqlite is good for fast and optimized storage for bigger stuff (i dont mean that big that you need a dedicated server for it) or for things that constantly read/write (for example what groups and data is stored on a player) as sqlite is just persistent memory (with some sql features) basicly

would be nice to have native MySQL/MariaDB support in some way (or at least an easy way to integrate it)

I am guessing NuGet will be available on the server-side (i hope), so that shouldn’t be a problem.

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this feels like a very critical feature, native or addon-wise

(From the facepunch discord)
2020-11-26 09_42_38-#sbox-general - Discord

and on your server you can do whatever you want

I hope he meant that for client-side only, that would be a security risk, but for server-side, why not?

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Why reinvent the wheel. There are tons of MySQL libraries and ORMs.

  • Dapper
  • EntityFrameworkCore
  • LINQ to SQL



When they work in sbox why not :man_shrugging:

It is 100% that bad in Gmod. Especially for high intensity gamemodes where a lot of people are changing gear that has to be saved to the server side. I guess as long as you build the database code good enough it doesn’t really matter.


Would definitively be a great addition to have some sort of database management system implemented, that way we have a way to keep track of things.

Either way this is something that will be implemented eventually by the community if support for this doesn’t exist in the near future.

You guys got nothing to worry about ^^

mysql is fun but honestly, I’m cool if we only get a file read/write system to start with.

Might be good for if you just looking to create a small server, but with big servers there no doubt we will need some sort of database system. It just makes retrieving information so much easier.

That honestly has a lot of limitations other than just performance. Imagine trying to make a web panel for bans or even make bans that are shared between servers for example.


I have to agree, just like in GMod the implementation of a local SQL Database would be very nice. Personally I use the SQL library of GMod quite alot to store data.

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You can access a database using POST/GET request’s if you have an API for it . Having EntityFramework would be nice too.

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I like the idea of using restful API to communicate with database backend as it would make things more secure instead of running queries directly in code.

That wont really make anything more secure and that way will be slower than direct access.

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yeah, lets install a complete web server for even the most basic mysql addons /s

It’s already answered: on the server we can do whatever we want. The client doesn’t need it: you wouldn’t give the client direct access to your DB.