MYSQL Table (Help)

Hey guys i recently having a problem setting up this car dealer i recently bought on scriptfodder the coder that designed is busy at the moment and cannot help me with it, hopefully you guys can help me here is some facts.

Yes I do have Mysql and Mysqool fully installed onto my server.

I am hosting with NFO with my database and my server.

Yes my information to my database to the car dealer script is all correct.

Here is the Error everytime i try to buy the car in the shop

3D Car dealer 2 : There is error on MySQL Module
Table ‘ashinrp_3dcardealer.cardealer_inventory’ doesn’t exist

although my database is fine, if someone could help me fix the table doesn’t exist i will be very grateful.

I know i have to sign into my phpmyadmin to create a table manually to get the script to work, but i do not know how to input the code to create the table.

You need to get the table created. Does the script have in it somewhere along the lines of:


If you have the SQL code for creating the table (starts with CREATE TABLE), log into pma, select your database on the left sidebar, then in the top of the window there’s a SQL tab. Press it, insert the code, press Go

Thanks for your guys replys, I have tried what you said ms333 it did create the table but still have the same error?

Did multiple restarts
triple check my config settings and i still get this error

3D Car dealer 2 : There is error on MySQL Module
Table ‘ashinrp_3dcardealers.cardealer_inventory’ doesn’t exist

Although here is the code I’m importing

DROP TABLE IF EXISTS Cardealer_Inventory;
CREATE TABLE Cardealer_Inventory (
ID char(64) NOT NULL,

This is not what databases are made for. Store atomically or store it in a flatfile where JSON belongs.

I’m only going off the code that supply to me to get this to work though?

So just to clarify, the user account you are using to access the sql server has permissions to that database. The database name is ashinrp_3dcardealers and it has a table in it called Cardealer_Inventory if that’s all correct you should be alright. Seems like it might not be a straight forward answer.

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Problem has been fixed