Hey guys,

I have always heard the term MySQL come up, and although I am not new to this subject, I never fully understood what a MySQL does, what it is, and how it helps for whatever it is used for. So, I was wondering if anyone is able to explain to me, doesn’t have to be long, but just a brief explanation on it. Thanks guys!

To say it really basic: It’s an easy way to store data. Why you’d use it? Because you can modify and get the data easily again. (Also kind of fast, compared to other methods)

Some Garry’s Mod Gamemodes use it to store playerdata and such.

So like SeriousRP servers and having a persons character saved so that if they join again they will be able to join on that same character and with the same items and weapons he had previously joining the server? Rather then making a whole new one all over again.

MySQL is just a database management solution, it’s a way to store data in an organized way. It’s a useful place to save information you wish to keep. In terms of garrysmod it can keep track of character on RP yes, just as you suggested.

But it’s used a lot in storing of accounts, like this forum will use a database to store each user, and their associated information, where each user has a unique ID, so that you can reference them and instantly get all their associated information.

Hope this helps.

MySQL can also be very slow. For instance, Nexus/OpenAura, if you want a good MySQL Database, you need to pay. But like, Sqlite, is much better. Like Tiramasu 2/3 uses it. And it connects directly to sv.db and you can open it with SQLiteSpy.

This is actually quite interesting.

What xviper_12 said. except for the “is just a database management solution”, C’mon “just a”? its the best frickin’ thing since the first computer. ^.^

“although I am not new to this subject”
– Humpff… then you would’ve known what MySQL is

“if you want a good MySQL Database, you need to pay.”
– False, running one myself. works like a charm, and its free.
“But like, Sqlite, is much better.”
– False again. Unless you don’t want your forum/website/etc to have easy access to it.

Yes there are free local dbs, but it takes some setting up for them to work. And sqlite has nothing to do with your site, it uses sv.db in your garrys mod folder.

One shouldn’t have to pay extra for a good MySQL Database or to have excellent performance.

Also, there shouldn’t be any performance issues unless the server is underpowered or there are issues in how the gamemode is accessing the database (unoptimized/messy sql)

I’m not sure what Nexus/OpenAura provides, perhaps a db schema for running their gamemodes? It’s still running on top of the free MySQL engine.

you, sir, are full of sh*t.

MySQL has an installer which does all the work, also the installer comes with a handy configuration tool (atleast on windows, linux whole different story) which almost does all the hard work for you.

Features as adding extra users/databases/tables can be handled through PHPMyAdmin or through another 3rd party MySQL Managing tool like HeidiSQL or Navicat. (MySQL also has their own workbench, works great, a bit over complicated if you ask me)

indeed, sv.db has nothing to do with your website thats why no one uses it for running a decent gamemode that also wants to have some kind of website backend. sqlite databases CAN be accessed by php n other web coding languages but its not always possible to access your sv.db from your webserver, thats why there is MySQL.

To revise my previous post:
Also every decent Garry’s Mod server rented by any decent company has its own MySQL Database shipped with it, so costs nothing extra.
But for testing purposes an install of mysql on your local computer wont hurt.

Side note: i disagree on your disagree

BTW: Siniq has been pretty spot on, except for the consideration that Linux configuration is more difficult than in Windows. If you know Linux fundamentals, it’s probably as easy or easier to configure.

It’s pretty easy on Linux too (if you’ve learned the basics of Linux)

A summary of what I do - Debian/Ubuntu flavors

apt-get install mysql-client mysql-server
(it should prompt you to define a root mysql pass)

From there I would either login to the mysql-client with “mysql -u root -p” or

apt-get install phpmyadmin

visit web browser: http://url/phpmyadmin (login with account)

I built my own server in Amazon AWS, which right now uses a micro instance (super low powered specs, good for working out performance issues…and super cheap at about $17 a month)

Followed the directions here:

The good thing about having your own instance is there is no artificial cost tied to “player slots” except for that you may take a performance hit and lag. Meaning, I could open 64 player slots if I wanted… however, I know that the system I’m running the server on couldn’t handle that bandwidth. It’s nice though to be able to make that decision myself.

I’ve had 3 or 4 people on one of these servers, and unless they are prop spamming - it holds up ok. I’ve encouraged prop spamming though, because I need to determine performance characteristics. It can’t really handle FastDL as well as player though. I plan to upgrade it to a more powerful setup once the gamemode is stable.