So people keep saying that I should use mysql instead of .txt.

Is there something special for mysql that I need? I have never used mysql with garrysmod or lua so I’m kind of lost as to where to start. Even an example, or pointing towards a tutorial would be awesome.

Hope this helps.

MySQL is an external database which is not limited to use only by Garry’s Mod. You can use the data for a website or other applications. You would need a GMod module such as tmysql.

zeromancer recommended SQLite which is an internal database to Garry’s Mod, which means it’s only accessible through Garry’s Mod. If you don’t plan on using stored data in a website or such, SQLite will provide fewer security risks and built-in functions to Garry’s Mod.

Thank you to the both of you.

I’m taking a peek at the tmysql right now but I might work with sqlite since I’m not really looking to put the database online. That was why I kept trying to use .txt.

This will be of great use, thank you again guys!

Either way you don’t need to use mysql to access data in the the text file online…

I know you don’t need to for the .txt. But I’m thinking at the way I’m expanding this script it may need to have tables and the likes instead of just .txt. Soooo gotta teach myself this tmysql XD