Hey Where can i get MySQL for my server so i can run cider roleplay


You can get the english version at There are downloads for windows and linux and i think that they’ve linked to the localized version in your language, too. Alternatively, you can use XAMPP, if you have no expierience with it at all… (It is a webserver + mysql database, but both can be run independendly). If you run linux (which i asume, if you host a server), then there is the same package called LAMPP. Hope it helped, i check back later…

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EDIT: XAMPP/LAMPP has great tutorials and good help, and runs almost out-of-the-box, thats why i recommended that.

Hey, i got XAMPP installed. Now what do i do i cant find any Tuts on it can you please help me so it works for my server do u got a link to a tut.
Please Help!


Umm how do i add it 2 my server


Does anyone Help? there is lyk 5000 members.

Go get a free mysql database from one of those sites on Google. It’ll save all of us the pain of instructing you how to install and configure MySQL.

How do i add it to my server