Mysqloo examples?

Are there any public scripts or addons I could see to understand it?

(I haven’t seen it used before, most scripts don’t need it and can use sqlLite. By example is one of the founding teachers ^_^)

SQL Tutorial: Part 1 - SQL Basics, and Setup. By quincy18
SQL Tutorial: Part 2 - Data Creation with SQL. By quincy18
SQL Tutorial: Part 3 - Final Part, Saving and Retrieving with SQL. By quincy18
Implementing MySql - How to use MySQL to save/load data by Bambo


Scroll down to databasesand use those links.

I have no idea if SQLoo and SQLite or similar but those are the tutorials I know of.

[lua]require( “mysqloo” )

local db = mysqloo.connect( “123.456.789.0”, “drake”, “abc123”, “database_name”, 3306 )

function db:onConnected()

print( "Database has connected!" )

local q = self:query( "SELECT 5+5;" )
function q:onSuccess( data )

    print( "Query successful!" )
    PrintTable( data )


function q:onError( err, sql )

    print( "Query errored!" )
    print( "Query:", sql )
    print( "Error:", err )




function db:onConnectionFailed( err )

print( "Connection to database failed!" )
print( "Error:", err )



I actually haven’t seen the 4th one brand, but sorry - no good, sqlLite has been cut and dry

and unfortunately i have seen and tried to use it based off of those sacred 36 lines, no luck though