MySqlOO Lags

I Have darkrp on MySQLOO and Linux(CentOS), they are lagging…

Think_MySqlOO:Poll - is module function…
How to fix it?

You don’t need to create another thread two minutes after the first thread about the same shit.


“How to fix it” is a vague question. Here’s what could be causing it:

  • You’re running far too many queries that exceed your machine’s capabilities
  • The tickrate is too high (for the amount of queries you’re running)

Here’s what you can do to help:

  • Remove the Think_MySqlOO hook and replace it with a one second timer
  • Turn down the tickrate (won’t do anything if you’re doing the above)
  • Run less queries

Change the tickrate to 33.

that won’t help anything unless he is performing queries in a tick hook

Maybe he is? Since it’s the mysql think hook that’s causing it I’d assume that would lower from 66 to 33/16 or w/e when he lowers it.

Are you running anything else other than DarkRP?

Yes, i have some ulx functions with darkrp functions.