MySQLOO Not Working Ubuntu 14.10

I have been trying to get MySQLOO working on my Garry’s Mod server running on Ubuntu 14.10, with no luck.
This is the thread I went on to get MySQLOO -
I have in the same directory as and srcds_run and gmsv_mysqloo_linux.dll in lua/bin
I also put in Ubuntu’s /usr/bin/ just as a test.

The scripts that connect to a database all throw this error:
Can’t connect to MySQL server on ‘localhost’ – I have tried both localhost and the IP.
I have all of the configs correct and the MySQL configured correct as I have already ran test queries from my web-server under the same logins listed in the configs.
I have already tried to get this to work for a couple days (while busy with other things of course.)

Does anyone have any ideas for what could be wrong here?

Is the information setup correctly?

What do you mean by the information being setup correctly? If you mean the host, username, password and database then yes it is.

Yes I mean that, also did you port forward the phpmyadmin port? Which is 3306.

Yes, everything is setup correctly as I have mentioned before I am able to send test quires to the database using the information set in the lua files from another site other than something hosted on the same vps.

Try using your public ip not private.

I have tried using both localhost and the public ip.

How about local ip? NOT localhost it should be 192.168..

Yes I have tried local as well. I am almost sure it has to do with the MySQLOO or Ubuntu setup, the information given to the addons is correct and works in other situations.