Mysqloo requirements - database:query returns nil

When I run database:query( x ) it returns a nil value.

The query is valid and I am running database.connect( … ) prior to running database:query( x );

I do have libMySQL and gmsv_mysqloo.lua and am requiring the dll.

I have used the sample code in the mysqloo thread and same thing.

Exact error…

mysql.lua: attempt to index local 'QueryObj' (a nil value)

QueryObj is what is returned in database:query( x )

This isn’t an issue with the code there is a requirement I am missing.

The module is being loaded correctly as the type of the database variable return Database.

I have C++ Redistributableand and am running Windows Server 2008 R2.

Set your database object like…
Zack = mysqloo.connect(“information here”)

from there, you are able to call
Zack:query(“SELECT Zack from Zack WHERE Zack=1”), like so. If you are still having errors, post your code. Make sure you call mysqloo.connect, and make sure that you call connect() on the object.

I fixed the problem- I was doing stuff in the background which was effecting the networking of the module.

Thanks anyways though.

For future reference db:query only ever returns nil if the database isn’t connected