If anyone has ever read/played the Myst/Riven series, you’d know that a group of people (D’ni) were capable of creating worlds by writing about them in books, then traveling to them and being able to walk around in the worlds they created. I was thinking it’d be awesome if we could travel to maps we make in Hammer and possibly live in them. Yea, most maps couldn’t support life, but still, just the idea. Making a map in Hammer, compiling it and travelling to them in real life.


Just a suggestion, if you feel the need to think outloud in the future, don’t post your thoughts here…

Still, if there was a way to port maps from Myst to Hammer… I would do it.

I’m working on a device that would allow this right at this minute. I’ll have it done by Thursday.

When it’s done?

I love myst, read all three books, played all 5 games, and all 3 Uru games. If someone makes this, I will try it!

Valve Time :smug:

What if the map had a leak?

Then you ask yourself, who made such a bad map by not fixing a leak.

Then you would fall into the never ending void…

Of Stars.
And then fall on your ass in Uru.

“Kill” in console. Oh God, how easy it is to kill yourself.

This ^

When you have finished, make sure its deathmatch compatible so you come back at any of the spawn points!

I was expecting a recreation of the Myst island in hammer.
I am dissapoint.

I really want a myst map now, I guess it’s Hammer time.

A myst .vmf with textures pakratted in would be orgasmic

Agreed. I’d Jizz in my pantz.

I’m working on something now, minus the textures, because I’m terrible at those.

Then God help us all…

Aren’t you aware that the Myst/Riven games are just a series of animations?
That’s why they look so good compared to other games that came out at the same time.

Well, the earlier Myst games were. (Myst and maybe Riven (Never played Riven though), but I know that Myst IV and Myst V were created in some form of a 3D environment (All done in 3Ds MAX), but even then i’m pretty sure it’s impossible to pull anything from the game’s files.

It would all have to be created from scratch.


Plus, the characters used in the Myst Series (All the way up to Myst V, and excluding Myst: Uru) were created using Live capture technology (or whatever the hell it is).
They actually had real people, actors, cast for the characters in the game, and recorded the scenes against green or blue screens on set.

The people used in the entire series (Except Myst V and Uru), are all real people.


Which reminds me, wasn’t “Atrus” in Myst, casted by Rand Miller, one of the founders of “Cyan Worlds”?

Sigh… God it’s been so long, it’s too bad that this great series, had to eventually, come to a close.

The Myst animation style was a series of hand drawn textures with some animated textures added in, then since they didn’t have to worry about performance due to the lack of linear movement, they maxed out every possible limit of their engine thus creating an expansively realistic world where you cum at tree fronds and such moving about.