Mysteries of the Book


thanks to SonOfBrim to editing the picture

C&C Would be appericated

It’s a magic book with a spider on the front, this is totally gonna end well.

EDIT: Is it gonna summon the Elder Spider gods to wrap us all up in a cosmic web?

no hes jerking off to nsfw spider pics in the big bad book of spiders

The hand on the left (His right) looks like it’s floating and not holding onto the book from the shadows. It also would have been more dramatic to have him attempting to shield his eyes or something, because I’m pretty sure that much light to your eyes would blind you (Or you could turn this into some weird backstory). The light on him is also really inconsistent, which messes with the shadows as well. (assuming) you made the room itself and it’s not from a map, you should take a poster of each light source by itself, so you could make the light on the character much softer and realistically spread.

The chair leg is clipping


You’ve also got some jaggy shadows. Lamp settings, using a poster and down-scaling/post-editing could help this.

I do like the overall atmosphere of them room, you could have made it less empty by putting moving boxes (or something like that) with one of them open, giving context to where he found the book (an open drawer behind him could have worked as well).

I do like it, even if I went overboard with nitpicking. Idk, maybe it will help you.

The scene is too empty. You had many option to go with this scene, implementing detail aswell. You could have made the room messy with clothes everywhere, picture frame on the ground and other small accessories to show that this guy really wanted to find this book OR a post apocalyptic setting environment where he enter a destroyed room and casually stumble upon this book that was on the desk.

Lighting seems a bit boring in my opinion. Volumetric lighting with dust particle that reflected off the steel of the bed would have added more. You could have made the setting in night time with a light bulb or candle light around the room, illuminating the room and just to add color.

I like the idea of this pose, but it could be better if the camera angle. Maybe a close up of the book and his facial expression with the book beaming light on his face, just an idea.