Mysterious camera

Hi, all.

While browsing in the GMod spawn menu, I found that camera :

(browse>half life 2>tools)

Could somebody tell me where can I found her sheet in GCFScape ?
(for a re-skin).


Whats the model called (full path in the spawn menu)?

I’ve never seen it before, it could be something that you inadvertantly downloaded from a server.

It was added by Valve itself, it’s not from a server.

Also it was mainly gonna be used with that IFM stuff that still isn’t released.


If memory serves, IFM is a movie making tool that Valve is supposedly going to release to the public one of these days. My understanding is it’ll work a little like most video editing programs, except you’ll be able to import demos (which will be converted into regular formats) or other video and then edit them into a movie.

I think it was used in part to make the “Meet the ____” videos.

Also for anyone not familiar with cameras, the model is an Arri model, 435 by the look of it.

If they did that and had dynamic shadows in the final rendering and DoF and motion blur and all that shit I would be so very happy

The thing is it’s yet to be released and the earliest it can be expected is when the “Meet the” videos are all done.

I’m pritty sure it is cut weapon from Half-Life 2 which was to be used to get footage of of combine base or something.

In anycase I’ve been seening It in hammer for years now and is hardly that new.

Except it was added last year or so.

I like I said years, I’ve been using hammer for about 2 or 3 years now and has always been there when I used it.

I’m pretty sure you are referring to the ugly blue camera model, not this thing.

Since again, it was not in the SDK nor any Valve game before 2008.

Nope that model, when I first saw It I added it to a hidden room so I could use It in God. Sadly It had no physics :(.

Okay I’ve been though my screenshot collection And I looks like I was added late '07 early '08. So I was half right.

Point is it wasn’t meant to be a weapon.