Mysterious Death-Buckety Stranger Breaks Parson Nathaniel Out Of jail.


Issue 1: BREAKOUT!

“The Facepunch Police get a red alert, the “Box” Cell has opened, releasing the most terrifying monster ever to grace screenshots, Parson Nathaniel, the christian badass serial killer with a coachgun and an army of weapons, with a heatray strapped to his back and 9001 cans of whoopass he and Deathbucket run from the cells and hop into their brand new ride, Mr. Whirly, as they plot and plan to dominate screenshots by eradicating all personal skins. they load their weapons and pop into mcdonalds for coffee and donuts, and then, they drew their plans, against screenshots”

Bad posing, and really generic.

All in all: Very bad

Also, not funny.

Would the kind gentleman please read the description before making a critique

Needs some editing.

The irony of this is…I don’t know. You’re using your personal skin to eradicate all personal skins what?

Bad ragdoll posing and exaggerated face posing doesn’t make a pose funny.

It was actually made for my Wotw comic by Dmgaina, i’m using it as a personal skin however

You mean the description you added after I commented? -.-

I shall read it now, thank you very much.

I can’t believe how trolly screenshots is

Yea… this is just… terrible. Awful posing, awful camera angle, awful faceposing, awful “story” (I hesitate to even call it that. YouDominating… the screenshot section?! Along with the fact that you threw in every unfunny meme in the book)

Not to mention the hilarious hypocrisy of making a personal skin to try and get rid of other people’s personal skins (although, it could work if all the people with personal skins see that they have begun inspiring people like you to make them)


Yea, OR you are a pretentious 9 year old who thinks he is god’s gift to the screenshot section, and refuses to acknowledge that there might actually be something wrong with his terrible work.