Mysterious Francis

Two versions because I can’t decide which one looks better.

sweet lookin’
The rain is awesome

I’m in favor of the top one…but the bottom one fits the time of day…

Dark seems like a more realistic light level for some reason.

Both look pretty good.

He probably shouldn’t stick around the crime scene though.

Kind of reminds me of this:

Why’s he at a police line with a gun in his hand?

He has bribed the police :ninja:

second one is fkn awesome

Dude fucking awesome.
Thats how the pros do it :smug:

Stop being so good Ilwrath. Fuck.

I like the first one more, not sure why.

Francis looks cool in that get-up. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm, a good idea for a head hack.

They’re pretty similar really.

I’d have to lean towards the lower one, though, the light on the gun is just unnatural. Then again who knows, I may have thought just the lower one was too dark.

Interesting semi-crossover. Kind of unpersonifies Francis though, he’s hardly distinguishable as Francis and not just anyone in a PD trench coat.

Good posing, lighting, editing, all that.

Maybe I’ll hack it someday :v:

Thanks everyone.

Why is there a police line if the purp is still there?
(seems that the shooting took place seconds befor?)

Those cops work fast if there is already do not cross signs everywhere.

Or maybe the people who got shot ARE the police :v:
Just disguised as civilians.

Looks great.

Looks badass