Mysterious new Customer at the Krusty Krab

After digging through my Screenshots folder, I found this picture I never edited or uploaded.

DISCLAIMER: I do NOT have that specific model anymore. It was lost when my PC was changed.
I found said map on FPSBanana.
The Spongebob model looks wonky because it was a BETA ragdoll, so it was difficult to pose with

I will NOT give what I do not have, and they are not mine to give if I still had them anyway.

That map looks like a Krusty Krap. As do the models. I would advise against uploading a screenshot of this caliber in the future.

The alien looks well posed, however.

Its Plankton on a Alien costume.

Bad spelling… why? :saddowns:

Aw gee, sorry if the map looks crappy. Why don’t you take it up with its creator:

That’s a 2002 Alien model. And that’s the Spongebob model from Spongebob the movie game. Of which is way outdated.

I’m glad we had this talk, son.

Looks like the Spongebob model Luigimario ported

Ha ha ha. Yessssssss.

i guess the one that rated you bad spelling never watched or heard about this show…

I thought you said you didn’t have the ragdolls…
Oh, never mind.

have some clocks…

it should be “its plankton on AN alien costume?” xD

Snap lol?

No, it’s plankton in an alien costume.
Did you guys go to school?