Mysterious physics model piece in HLMV

I’ve rigged a model and created a collision mesh and compiled it successfully. However, when I check the collision mesh in HLMV, there is a floating mesh in front of the model not connected to anything. It’s named back 1 which is weird because the model already has a part called back 1 that is properly in the model. I’ve checked the collision file and everything seems OK. What’s causing it?

Could you post a picture?
Also how did you create collision model itself?

So here’s a picture of what I’m talking about:
I made the collision model by cutting up the original model based on the joints.

You should consider creating physics models from blocks, cheap cylinders, cheap spheres, or whatever else. They’re very easy to make, but letting the game generate it for you usually results in physics models that are unnecessarily high poly or have issues such as this one.

In any case, upload the collision SMD if you don’t mind so we can poke around for the loose part.

Here’s the SMD file for the collision model:

I took a few minutes of my time to improve your collision mesh, try this one instead and see if that weird collision hull is still there.

Also, be sure to cap all ‘holes’ your collision mesh has, I had some similar issues before and I’m pretty sure I fixed them by capping these ‘holes’.


Oh, yea, your collision model was too dense (too many polygons) which isn’t exactly a problem since source will simplify your mesh, but you should try to keep it as simple as possible (very low poly collision model).

It looks good. Thanks for that. I’m still new to modeling so I followed a tutorial that I found that didn’t go into too much detail in making the collision mesh, just to cut up the original and weight it to the bones. I’ll try the tips in this thread for the next model I make.

What you did in the first try was actually a good way of doing it, you just didn’t clean the mesh and left those ‘holes’ in it.

Also, another thing I should warn you is that each convex piece should have its own smoothing group number. If you take a look at mine you’ll see that the Head piece is assigned to a smoothing group number. This will prevent Source combining some convex pieces into a single one after compiling the model.

I had tutorial around somewhere about collision models.