Mysterious Stranger (Fallout 3)

I saw a post in the model requests with a screenshot of him, but it was in a thread for Col. Autumn. I would like to know if there was a way to get the stranger myself.

Well, it was on a certain forum involving buried explosive devices under a common creature with legs but the file got passworded.

That’s preposterous!

Aye. I used to have it but I lost it when I cleaned up my installation of Gmod. Look around, google or something and you should find it.

Only the elite and those “in the know” get it. You don’t have a chance.

No. It’s public, it’s just pretty hard to find.

Might I ask why?

Is it in some other language?

Its public but passworded

Considering that the original poster of it passworded the file and only had it on a low-profile site i don’t think the public was meant to have it.