Mysterious Tnt

whats up with this timed tnt, and why is it not in the dynomite stool? where are the materials?

its already in gmod as default just search “tnt” in your search props thing.

I think it was originally for the TNT Stool, but was never used. To get the materials for it, you, need to copy the original TNT’s materials, put them in a folder called tnttimed in the same place as the normal TNT materials, then edit some of the .vmt(s) to make the Timed TNT have the correct materials.

ok thanks i got it now.

now is there a way to get it into the TNTStool?

Ask in the Lua forum.

Heh… I was actually going to make a thread about this ages ago to see if someone would finish the textures for it even if it was just for posing purposes

Just ask whoever made it.


Its actually a weapon for the demo man in the early stages of making the game but now he doesn’t have that weapon.

No, what you’re thinking of is this.

I knew it was either Dav0r or Jaanus. Just couldn’t remember exactly which one.

Dav0r made it, I fixed the textures.


Use this: