Mysteronized Captain Black brutally uppercutting Captain Scarlet

A literally indestructable agent working for world security group Spectrum to defeat the unseen martians with powers that can recreate anything or anyone after destroying the original. these Martians are named the Mysterons. Sworn enemies of earth. commencing a war of nerves, intending to destroy!

Not bad, try to turn up the resolution a bit.

Youre getting better dude.
Keep it up those pictures arent bad.

Whats with his left arm? :S

Your angles are getting better.

Fractured by scarlet seconds before.

Camera angle is a little dull but the posing is decent.

Thanks for the crit

Oh noes, it doesn’t matter who will win because they will die anyway! D:

But we know they’ll return! To live again!

The posing is really good, a little moving effect to the Captain Black’s arm would have given this pic a lot of more life, but in general this is really good.

They look a little stiff…

Are you using the better tf2 physics by Nexus?


Looks ace.

Just for fun version:


How do you disagree with a picture

The green text does not go with the picture at all.

the posing is pretty stiff and horrible and the picture as a whole does not convey any sense of motion

Captain Black is not black.

It’s a codename for the color of his uniform. he’s ironically white as fuck because of his mysteronization