mystery error (part deux)

remember me? sorry i had to revive it but i had to.
well even though i am currently having expert help with my map, we cant get our heads around what the hell is happening with it.
this strange reoccurring error that comes and goes for no reason.

it compiles with no leaks yet the complete bsp file looks as if it has a leak somewhere. water is invisible, grass textures are stretched, and there is no lighting.
but i have double checked and there are definitely no leaks.

the complete version of the same compile as above:

the only thing i could suspect is that it is the zero area patch child because that affects lightmaps, but thats just me. i need pro advice.

material “skybox/militia_hdrrt” not found. that will give a leak effect also


the skybox name should be militia_hdr and not militia_hdrrt (= right texture of the skybox?). It’s the same sky used in the css map.

dont worry about the skybox error. its because it cant find the skybox during the compile but counter strike is mounted for garrys mod so it works.

It looks like VRAD craps out before it finishes. What are your lightmap scales like? Judging by the screenshot, you have a lot of large surfaces that are either fully lit of fully in the shade. It would be a good idea to increase the lightmap scale on those brush faces to 64 (or maybe even higher).

theyre all at a default 16. are you saying i should set them all to 64 or just the main body ones?

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AHA! it was the lightmap scale all along! thank you very much my friend.

I would suggest setting everything to 64 for starters, to see if that fixes the error. Afterwards, you can change the scale back to 16 (or lower) on brush faces where you need crisp shadows.

Glad it worked :smile: